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Holy Name Primary School is nestled in the heart of Toowoomba city, Queensland, Australia.   We provide a co-educational faith-based Catholic education to students from Prep to Year 7. 

Click here for Enrolment InformationHoly Name is a Catholic School immersed in the values of the Sisters of Mercy providing:

  • Friendly, welcoming, family atmosphere that fosters
    the Gospel values & academic excellence.
  • A care code that has the student's well-being
    at the centre of everything we do.
  • A student resilience program that reflects
    a supportive and caring classroom/school culture.
  • Dedicated and progressive staff who are inclusive
    and outreaching.
  • Well equipped Early Years Centre.
  • An indoor Activity Centre that caters for all types of sport.
  • An engaging and well-resourced ICT program incorporating I-pads, IWBs and laptops into our pedagogical practices.
  • Specialist drama, art and sport teachers.
  • A dance and swimming program for all students.
  • An extension and enrichment program.
  • Visible community spirit.
  • Active and dedicated parent body.
  • Fun and exciting After School Program delivered in a safe and secure environment.

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wonderful buildings, grounds and facilities.....

On behalf of the school community, I invite you to take the time to look at the information available on this website.  It is an excellent reflection of the interest and dedication the staff at Holy Name have towards the pupils and families of our fine school.

Kathy Bliss, Principal   

Community News  

The Annual Athletics Carnival was a tremendous success even though the weather presented us with a bit of reorganising. I congratulate and thank all those who contributed to the success of this day – superb students, teachers and many parents volunteering their time for set-up, scoring, starter, tuckshop and many other jobs. We enjoyed watching talented and trained students being the best little athletes that they could be. There were a number of records broken which is often an indication that the standard of competition and the skills of the students has been steeped up a notch or two. Mr Red, Mrs Manthey and Mr Dowden ran afternoon training sessions for most of the term while Mrs Cash conducted her ‘Run Club’ before school. I thank them for their dedication to the students. Athletics Day is a very exciting day where school spirit is evident and grown. All this and more was on show at Holy Name on Friday and again on Monday.

Holy CommunionCongratulations to the students who made their First Communion in front of the Holy Name congregation last Sunday. They represented their school with tremendous dignity and reverence. I would like to express my thanks to all sponsors for their hard work and diligence in getting the students ready to receive the Blessed Sacrament during the 6 week Sacramental Program.

We are celebrating Catholic Education Week (26th July - 1st Aug), Community Mass, Father’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast (5th Sept). Including in next terms celebrations are the Sacramental Program (Confirmation) and Family Life Week (teaching of sexual health). With everything it is still important to embrace every day with reverence and to take time out from our frenetic lives. As the holidays approach please stay safe and may the peace of Christ be with you always.
Yours in faith, Mr Red

In science this term, the students have been learning all about micro-organisms. We have done experiments looking at yeast and the role it plays in making bread rise. We have also investigated penicillin, the manner in which it was discovered and the applications that it has for the human race. In our last investigation, we conducted experiments to find the best way of growing mould. To make this discovery, the students left one control sample of bread on the window sill of the classroom and placed the others in damp, dark and cold locations. Our findings clearly showed that mould grows best in warm, dark and damp conditions. Below are some photos of the students examining the samples at the end of the investigation.
Year 5/6 Science experiment

"Loyal Creatures" author, Morris GleitzmanLOYAL CREATURES - Morris Gleitzman
Students in Year 5, 6 and 7 were treated to a special event on Friday June 6 at Highfields Cultural Centre. Toowoomba City Library invited the students to view a performance of Loyal Creatures, written by Morris Gleitzman and performed by Paul Mawhinney, followed by a question and answer session with the actor. The students were spellbound by the heart-breaking story and were fortunate enough to have their personal copies of the novel signed. Thank you to Mrs Watkins for organising this fantastic opportunity for the students. Below is the blurb from the book.
They were loyal creatures, the men and horses of the Australian Light Horse, but war doesn’t always pay heed to loyalty. This is the powerful story of a 16 year old volunteer and his horse in WW1 and the journey towards his own kind of bravery.

If you have any items or thoughts on what your P & F should be fundraising towards or helping with, or have some ideas, thoughts or topics for discussion at the next meeting, please get in touch straight away ben@bradstestandtag.com.au or Kathy Bliss, our Principal.

We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us - Catherine McAuley - click here to find out more about Catherine McAuley

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