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Holy Name Primary School is nestled in the heart of Toowoomba city, Queensland, Australia.   We provide a co-educational faith-based Catholic education to students from Prep to Year 7. 

Click here for Enrolment InformationHoly Name is a Catholic School immersed in the values of the Sisters of Mercy providing:

  • Friendly, welcoming, family atmosphere that fosters
    the Gospel values & academic excellence.
  • A care code that has the student's well-being
    at the centre of everything we do.
  • A student resilience program that reflects
    a supportive and caring classroom/school culture.
  • Dedicated and progressive staff who are inclusive
    and outreaching.
  • Well equipped Early Years Centre.
  • An indoor Activity Centre that caters for all types of sport.
  • An engaging and well-resourced ICT program incorporating I-pads, IWBs and laptops into our pedagogical practices.
  • Specialist drama, art and sport teachers.
  • A dance and swimming program for all students.
  • An extension and enrichment program.
  • Visible community spirit.
  • Active and dedicated parent body.
  • Fun and exciting After School Program delivered in a safe and secure environment.

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wonderful buildings, grounds and facilities.....

On behalf of the school community, I invite you to take the time to look at the information available on this website.  It is an excellent reflection of the interest and dedication the staff at Holy Name have towards the pupils and families of our fine school.

Kathy Bliss, Principal   

Community News  

Pupil Free Day 20th OctoberPUPIL FREE DAY
Monday October 20 is a pupil free day. The teachers and staff are all involved in professional development. Extend, afternoon care has informed me that the service will not operate.


The wonderful presence of Grandparents in the lives of our students is being celebrated at Holy Name on Friday October 24 with a Prayer Ceremony being presented by the Prep students. This will commence at 10 am and will be followed by a ‘shared morning tea’. All students are invited to bring their grandparents along for this special morning tea. If your family is able to attend the morning tea, please bring a plate to share.


Congratulations to our students who participated in the ICAS Mathematics Competition. Our results were outstanding and are a testament to the level of teaching and learning happening at Holy Name.
StudentsDistinction: Lachlan and Declan
Credit: Matthew, Ryan, Andre, Emmanuel, Cameron, Elijah, Jessica, Tony, Marcus, Ethan.
Merit: Alex, Ben
Participation: Kaitlyn, Mia, Phoebe, Nathanael, Hailee, Amoul.


Our new Behaviour Policy introduced at the beginning of this year is based on a 4 levels – Golden, Orange, Blue and Red. It has been very successful in informing students of appropriate standard of behaviour and raising the standard of mutual respect and care for each other. The goal for students is to strive to be a “Golden Student” all term so as to be a part of the ‘Golden Activity’ at the end of the term. As this term is the final term of the year the Golden Activities are rather special. The Yr 6/7 class are invited to go to Dreamworld and the P-5 classes are being treated to a performance at the Empire Theatre. Please encourage and assist your child to make sensible choices about his / her behaviour as it is the aim at Holy Name to support all students to be ‘Golden Students’.


Please join us on Tuesday 11th November, at 11:00am for our Remembrance Day Prayer Celebration hosted by Mr Dowden and the Year 5/6 class. This is a time of prayer and a chance to remember those who have fallen, giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Lest We Forget.

We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us - Catherine McAuley - click here to find out more about Catherine McAuley

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Important Dates

20th October
Pupil Free Day - CTJ Day

24th October
Grandparent's Day

30th October
Catholic Schools Readers Cup in MEAC
Red Food Day for Daniel Morecombe Foundation
P & F Meeting
6pm School Library

10th November
P-3 Swimming

11th November
Remembrance Day Liturgy

17th November
P-3 Swimming

21st November
P-3 Swimming

24th November
P-3 Swimming

25th November
Empire Theatre Show
P-Year 5

27th November
'Welcome Day'
Prep Orientation Day & all classes move to their
year level for 2015
Christmas Concert 6pm

28th November
Swimming Carnival 12 noon
Board Meeting 6pm

3rd December
Dreamworld - Years 6 & 7

4th December
Graduation Mass & Assembly

5th December
Last Day 2014 School Year



Sports Uniform Days
Wednesday & Friday

School Assembly
Thursday 2.30pm
MEAC (Sports Hall)

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