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Important Dates
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22nd April
ANZAC Day Ceremony 2.15pm

25th April
ANZAC Day Public Holiday

28th April
Toowoomba Cross Country

10th-12th May
Literacy Solutions

6th May
Mother's Day Celebration 8.45am

26th May
"Australia's Biggest Morning Tea"

12th June
School & Parish Sunday Mass 8.30am
First Holy Communion

14th June

"Sing Out"

16th June
Holy Name Athletics - Field Events

17th June
Holy Name Athletics Carnival

20th-21st June
School Photos

23rd June
Josh Arnold Film Day

24th June
Last Day Term 2



Sports Uniform Days
Wednesday & Friday

School Assembly
Thursday 2.30pm
MEAC (Sports Hall)

Website Issues

Welcome to our website...

Holy Name Primary School provides a co-educational faith-based Catholic education to students from Prep to Year 6.   Holy Name is a Catholic School immersed in the values of the Sisters of Mercy providing:

  • Friendly, welcoming, family atmosphere that fosters the Gospel values & academic excellence.
  • A care code that has the student's well-being at the centre of everything we do.
  • A student resilience program that reflects a supportive and caring classroom/school culture.
  • Dedicated and progressive staff who are inclusive and outreaching.
  • Well equipped Early Years Centre.
  • An indoor Activity Centre that caters for all types of sport.
  • An engaging and well-resourced ICT program incorporating I-pads, IWBs and laptops
    into our pedagogical practices.
  • Specialist drama, art and sport teachers; A dance and swimming program for all students.
  • An extension and enrichment program.
  • Visible community spirit; Active and dedicated parent body.
  • Fun and exciting After School Program delivered in a safe and secure environment.

Click here to view a slideshow of images of our wonderful buildings, grounds and facilities.....

On behalf of the school community, I invite you to take the time to look at the information available on this website.  It is an excellent reflection of the interest and dedication the staff at Holy Name have towards the pupils and families of our fine school.

Kathy Bliss, Principal   

Community News

A very warm welcome to Term 2. I trust that our community had a joyous Easter with family and friends. It is a delight to be greeted by the enthusiastic, happy students of Holy Name as they return to join friends and be challenged by another term of 'joyful learning'. All classes wrote a 'learning promise' to begin the school year. I have chosen the Year 5 promise to share with you the thoughts of Holy Name students: 'We are joyful, caring learners who always work hard to achieve our best. In Year 5 we journey together because everyone belongs.'

There are two very excited classes and teachers at Holy Name! They are looking forward to discovering the great learning opportunities that their new 'big screen' and Apple TV technology will bring to the Yr 1 and Yr 4 classrooms. We are very lucky to have Miss Morgan on our staff as she has experience from her previous school in Sydney Catholic Dioceses with using this technology in the classroom.

Dance Program:
We welcome new dance company to Holy Name. This year we have engaged 'Dance Fever' to present a nine-week dance program to all classes. This will culminate in a Dance Presentation / Dance Evening with parents on Friday 10th June. The students will have perfected many great dance moves to show off to their parents!

Sing Out: The choir students will enjoy the experience of the 'Sing Out' program. Mrs Coggan will have the details of this event for the students. The culminating date is 14th June. Parents please make note of this date.

Fun with Josh Arnold: Holy Name is one of 16 Toowoomba schools to be invited to participate in a musical spectacular directed by Josh Arnold. The theme is 'Diversity and Acceptance'. Each school will do its own production using their own concepts and narrative. The program culminates with a community 'Walk Together' event at the end of October this year. Mrs Coggan is coordinating Holy Name's part in this event. This will begin in earnest this term with song writing, recording and filming. What an awesome experience for Holy Name students! Mrs Coggan will be distributing information about the student's involvement as it becomes available.

Welcome back to Term 2! We are very excited about our new Apple TV in our room, this is an interactive educational tool that will allow our students to work on some exciting activities and has provided us with so much more space! In mathematics this week we have been learning about tessellating shapes, that is, shapes that repeat to make a pattern like tiles in a bathroom. We have a very busy term ahead of us, it is important that we remember to be kind to each other and respectful to our teachers at all times. Keep up the great work Year 4!

           Year 4

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