Holy Name’s Educational Vision

At Holy Name we use contemporary practice to empower students to develop a love of learning. We foster success and exemplary values. Through collaboration in an inclusive, nurturing environment, we shape citizens for the future. 

Learning Powers

At Holy Name we have a shared vision that

  • an effective learner is assessment capable
  • an effective teacher activates learning
  • an effective leader leads learning by creating school culture.

Our students are explicitly taught the folowing learning dispositions as a component of daily student life.


Holy Name Primary School boasts a well-resourced library, receiving new materials monthly, including graphic novels and short-listed books. Students participate in a weekly lesson with our Teacher Librarian where they develop the skills to become enthusiastic lifelong readers. Our library is a warm and inclusive environment for students to spend time.


Students have access to coding and programing technology including the programmable floor robots, Bee-Bots, used as a tool to enhance learning in Literacy, Science and Numeracy. The classrooms at Holy Name are equipped with laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards. With the rapid pace of technological change, Holy Name Primary School continually updates hardware and software, and redesigns technology curriculum programs.