Holy Name Primary School is a member of Toowoomba Catholic Schools and implements the Toowoomba Catholic Schools policies, procedures and guidelines. 

On enrolment at Holy Name School, parents/legal guardians and young people agree to all of these policies, procedures and guidelines.

Student Behaviour Support Plan TCSO

Student Behaviour Support Plan Holy Name School

School Complaints Management Procedure

Uniform policy

Plans and reports

The following documents describe what we are focussed on as a school community to ensure we continue to provide the best education for all students. 

School Renewal and Improvement report 

2022 Annual report

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Annual Action plan

Please contact the principal to discuss any matters in relation to our policies, procedures and plans.

Student Protection

Student protection is everybody’s business. More information about our approach to student protection can be found  here.

Students who have student protection concerns can discuss this with any one of our student protection contacts. The poster below shows who these contacts are, and copies of this poster are on display around the school.

Parents wishing to discuss student protection concerns are invited to contact the school and speak with the principal.